Finally revamping and reviving this blog!

Hello wonderful people of the very beautiful planet called Earth! I hope everyone’s been doing A – awesome. I’ve been so busy with everything and anything with my life that I totally abandoned this blog. And, it’s been more than a year since my last post. I haven’t really thought of continuing making a post but, what the heck, right?

I’m making a short and quickie blog post, before actually editing and doing things fresh and new. It’s 2015 so, definitely needs an upgrade. 🙂

See you guys around! And I swear I’ll make time to make updates and posts about random cheese, and fangirling!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my folks! ❤



Hey everyone! What is up? November came so fast, and I am staying here for a month already. Wow! I am making this blog post just because. I just feel like posting a blog. Sometimes, I just don’t have any reasons at all. Hahaha!

So, last November 11 was my first month staying here. Well, it was special ’cause the snow finally stuck on the ground so it’s white wherever here! I woke up around past 9am and blankets of snow greeted me. Well, living in a place wherein there are no signs of snowfall makes my 11th extra special. Ever since I knew the existence of snow back when I was still a kid, I always knew that winter would definitely be my season. And years later, experiencing my first snowfall made me certain about it.

If you have read my previous blog posts, maybe you would have the slightest idea of what kind of personality I may have. Well if you still don’t, keep reading then! 😉 A lot happened in my first month. Learned a lot of things about my work, knew people, gained friends, and had new memories which may be good or bad. Well, actually yesterday I was feeling terrible and pissed at the same time! I actually don’t like those feelings ‘cos I might go crazy. Hahaha! But, well I’m all good now. Thank God!

I don’t think I must enumerate all the things that happened to me ’cause I don’t think you’d be interested or smth close to that. :p But generally speaking, I am still blessed and I am still here making the most out of everything that happened and may happen. And in all honesty, I am both scared and excited which I believe is perfectly normal. Tell me if it isn’t though! LOL.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people who cared all around the world for my fellow countrymen who experienced the strong typhoon Haiyan. It was such a heartbreak seeing it on international news. Now, I don’t really watch news ‘cos I just get sad and my mood goes down down down. My prayers goes out to everyone affected and lost their loved ones during that devastating event. May you find hope, peace, and feel the warmth of the people who cares around you. I am just proud of my country, despite all these government issues I still believe in the power of all the citizens who cares, and won’t get tired caring for their fellow kababayan. We have experienced a lot, and I know we can get through this. Kapit lang Pilipinas! Kapit lang. We’ll get through this as one nation.

See you later! 🙂

First snowfall: A beautiful day

Hi there! I am quite busy with work but I cannot blog about the season’s first snowfall in this very beautiful place.

Yesterday, after work I went to North Conway which is 45mins away from the hotel I work. While going there, I get the chance to see the beautiful mountains with leaves still in autumn colors. I am in love with this place. I just can’t say any statement that would fit into how I feel about it and working here. We stopped for starbucks and ofcourse I ordered the favorite drink. LOL. After quite some time talking about random stuff, decided to head to Walmart ‘cos I need to buy groceries and other stuff. Planned to go the outlet stores but, well I felt kinda hungry so finally decided to eat dinner! We had our dinner at a Thai Restaurant and WOW IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS! After a long time, I ate rice! RICE! Not potatoes, not salad. RICE. And also, CURRY. Curry is just yummy for me so I liked it very much! I spent quite a lot yesterday but it doesn’t really matter. I had an awesome time yesterday anyway!

Today I had a chance to move on a different part of the Rooms Division Department and I need to understand and be hands-on in every parts under it. It was a fun family, and I really liked around those people. Too bad I stayed just for today. It also snowed today. It was what I kinda expected but I really felt genuinely happy. GENUINELY happy. I felt so blessed to be here, to be around these good people, spectacular view, and beautiful, elegant hotel. It’s great to be part of this family and I am happy and excited to the next days that will come. Today is just beautiful. I don’t know why, but I would always remember this day for some reason that I cannot really point my finger at. There were just good vibes today. 🙂


PS. I am very sorry with this post. I am trying to make a quick post ‘cos I got tons of things to do and I cannot really elaborate that much. Me, myself isn’t satisfied with this post. I don’t know if i’d edit this and add some more if I got time on my hands. But I hope I will! 

Wow, that was fast!

Hey everyone! What is up?! After quite some time, I am making another blog post just because I will be starting to work tomorrowYeah! Finally! 🙂

A lot of things happened while I was away. Really. Well, first. I am now in America to have my internship/work. Second, my crazy friends surprised me for a party I never thought I’d have. Third, I had a crazzzzzzy month fixing all my documents prior to my internship. Fourth, I don’t know but little things that happened during these past weeks.

It’s 1PM ET now and I think this would be the last day of me being a BUM. Yep, you read that right! I’m not a bum anymore! After the long months of waiting, I can now say that I am now a working professional!! *applause*

I got here last Friday around 10:45pm. So basically, I’ve been enjoying my time here for like four days now. And, wow. This place is just beautiful. Just breathtaking. Just like a painting! Specially, it’s Autumn now so it’s really awesome! I got the chance to walk around the hotel and its very very wide vicinity. Okay, I may not give justice to it when I say “wide” but just imagine this. When I look outside my room, I can see guests golfing and riding a horse. This hotel have its own zip line, golf course, ranch, and on winter? Yep, ski resort! So, yep. I said, wide. 🙂

Oh, in case you don’t know I am having my internship at this very very beautiful hotel located somewhere at north east part of the United States. I am excited and nervous at the same time. First, I currently have NO ONE that I can really categorize as my “friend”. I had few acquaintances. I hope that I’d make a lot of friends along the way!

But before I talk about my life here so far which I will put into another blog post.. I’d like to express my gratitude to all my friends who made time just to see me and those who surprised me before I leave. You made me feel special and I am really overwhelmed with the friendship I have to each one of you. I never thought that I’d be this madrama but, really guys. Thank you. 🙂 Ya’ll know who you are! I love you friends, thank you for being awesome and for giving gifts!

And ofcourse, my Mom. my Dad. my Little Bro. my Sis. You guys are the best of the best crazy, awesome people of all. I love you always!

By the way, I am not going to post any picture YET ’cause i’ll be compiling everything and post it either on my Facebook or here.

Okay, I guess that’s it for now. My back hurts and I don’t even know why. LOL.

Sending hugs and kisses from here in the beautiful city of ~~ to all my loved ones there! ❤


Mai 🙂

Download: [Tohoshinki’s TIME TOUR 2013]

Hey guys! How are you? As we all know, our Toho Duo wrapped up there “Time Concert Tour” with the final performance held at the AWESOME AND HUGE Nissan Stadium. Our BigEast family made an exceptional project that made every Cassiopeia all over the world have goose bumps! 🙂


These links were shared by various fan accounts and fan sites, and I am sharing this to you too! In case you missed it~ 😉

There are various links floating in the internet but I pick these links ‘cos you can either watch it per song performance or just download the whole concert. ^^


These links aren’t and maybe different from the released and official DVD.



Don’t worry, these are all HD but unfortunately there isn’t any english subbed version available.


>>>>>>>>>GO [[ HERE ]]TO PRE-ORDER!<<<<<<<<<


YongSeo fan taken photos during WGM filming!

I have this link for quite some time and I know not all fans have seen this so I’m sharing it here. It was also shared before by other people but I know you Gogumas wants this, so here it is! ^____^



Enjoy and let’s remember these happy memories YongSeo created together! ^^

Twitter: @flyingsaucer88

August highlights

Hey everyone! What’s everyone been doing? I hope you had an awesome August, and good September so far..

Well actually Kpop Republic in Manila which was held in Araneta Colliseum tonight. SHINee, EXO-K, and Dal Shabet were the guests.

Well, I like EXO but Luhan is my fave and EXO – M was bound to Malaysia for MTV World Stage so.. Also,  I’ll say this again, if I did not become a Cassie.. I am definitely a Shawol ‘cos SHINee are just talented I CANNOT. But, I wasn’t really thinking of watching there ‘cos I want EXO complete. LOL

Okay, I’m sorry for that. I just cannot help it. Fangirling is just another world. Really. Seriously. I would definitely make a blog post about that but, i’m doubting ‘cos it’s just complicated and it’s a broad topic. But, who knows right? Let’s just see..

So, what’s the real reason of another post?

August was great for me. I got hired by an awesome hotel located at New Hampshire. Which makes it really cold, brrr. And, now I’m actually waiting for a schedule for something. I don’t know the exact date of my departure but I hope it’s within this month ‘cos it’s what was written too. I need to start moving my lazy ass cos I have to pack, buy, and sort out all my things which are very very difficult. I don’t want to experience finishing last minute packing a day before my departure again. Man, that was just stressful and crazy.

I hope things will be great this month! Also, September is my Dad’s and Jungshin’s birthdays! 🙂

Btw, I will share some pictures that were my August highlights!


Loved the cake! And the message, hehe.


BBQ Party! Yey!


Friends who loves me so much LOL

Thank you gays 🙂


The next day, we had a morning flight. It was 4 in the freaking morning! Yep, I didn’t had any sleep even at the plane. ;___;


Plus, it was kinda raining..


Good thing, it was a sunny day there!

Happy Fiesta!! 🙂


Camera 360

And ofc, the food, I swear that shrimp is just too big I CANNOT. So amazing.


First time seeing this, and wow. It was actually bigger that what I expected.

After a week of staying at the province, well.. We flew back in Manila and. and. and that same night, I got sick for 3 days. D: Meh.

But now, I’m totally fine! 🙂 LOL. I know this post should kinda end like a selca for the August but. but.. Maybe next time. For now, this would suffice. *wink*


This is so candid. Mehe I am so happy. Congratulations for the completion of the Time Tour!! 🙂

Guys, he is my boyfriend. Suck it. :p

See you around! 🙂

PS. I am thinking about posting the compete scans for FNC Magazine NO. 3 scans of course only my smurfs (CNBLUE). And also, TIME CONCERT DVD COMPLETE HD Download links. But.. still thinking about it. I’ll let you know for sure at my twitter! 🙂