First snowfall: A beautiful day

Hi there! I am quite busy with work but I cannot blog about the season’s first snowfall in this very beautiful place.

Yesterday, after work I went to North Conway which is 45mins away from the hotel I work. While going there, I get the chance to see the beautiful mountains with leaves still in autumn colors. I am in love with this place. I just can’t say any statement that would fit into how I feel about it and working here. We stopped for starbucks and ofcourse I ordered the favorite drink. LOL. After quite some time talking about random stuff, decided to head to Walmart ‘cos I need to buy groceries and other stuff. Planned to go the outlet stores but, well I felt kinda hungry so finally decided to eat dinner! We had our dinner at a Thai Restaurant and WOW IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS! After a long time, I ate rice! RICE! Not potatoes, not salad. RICE. And also, CURRY. Curry is just yummy for me so I liked it very much! I spent quite a lot yesterday but it doesn’t really matter. I had an awesome time yesterday anyway!

Today I had a chance to move on a different part of the Rooms Division Department and I need to understand and be hands-on in every parts under it. It was a fun family, and I really liked around those people. Too bad I stayed just for today. It also snowed today. It was what I kinda expected but I really felt genuinely happy. GENUINELY happy. I felt so blessed to be here, to be around these good people, spectacular view, and beautiful, elegant hotel. It’s great to be part of this family and I am happy and excited to the next days that will come. Today is just beautiful. I don’t know why, but I would always remember this day for some reason that I cannot really point my finger at. There were just good vibes today. 🙂


PS. I am very sorry with this post. I am trying to make a quick post ‘cos I got tons of things to do and I cannot really elaborate that much. Me, myself isn’t satisfied with this post. I don’t know if i’d edit this and add some more if I got time on my hands. But I hope I will! 


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