August highlights

Hey everyone! What’s everyone been doing? I hope you had an awesome August, and good September so far..

Well actually Kpop Republic in Manila which was held in Araneta Colliseum tonight. SHINee, EXO-K, and Dal Shabet were the guests.

Well, I like EXO but Luhan is my fave and EXO – M was bound to Malaysia for MTV World Stage so.. Also,  I’ll say this again, if I did not become a Cassie.. I am definitely a Shawol ‘cos SHINee are just talented I CANNOT. But, I wasn’t really thinking of watching there ‘cos I want EXO complete. LOL

Okay, I’m sorry for that. I just cannot help it. Fangirling is just another world. Really. Seriously. I would definitely make a blog post about that but, i’m doubting ‘cos it’s just complicated and it’s a broad topic. But, who knows right? Let’s just see..

So, what’s the real reason of another post?

August was great for me. I got hired by an awesome hotel located at New Hampshire. Which makes it really cold, brrr. And, now I’m actually waiting for a schedule for something. I don’t know the exact date of my departure but I hope it’s within this month ‘cos it’s what was written too. I need to start moving my lazy ass cos I have to pack, buy, and sort out all my things which are very very difficult. I don’t want to experience finishing last minute packing a day before my departure again. Man, that was just stressful and crazy.

I hope things will be great this month! Also, September is my Dad’s and Jungshin’s birthdays! 🙂

Btw, I will share some pictures that were my August highlights!


Loved the cake! And the message, hehe.


BBQ Party! Yey!


Friends who loves me so much LOL

Thank you gays 🙂


The next day, we had a morning flight. It was 4 in the freaking morning! Yep, I didn’t had any sleep even at the plane. ;___;


Plus, it was kinda raining..


Good thing, it was a sunny day there!

Happy Fiesta!! 🙂


Camera 360

And ofc, the food, I swear that shrimp is just too big I CANNOT. So amazing.


First time seeing this, and wow. It was actually bigger that what I expected.

After a week of staying at the province, well.. We flew back in Manila and. and. and that same night, I got sick for 3 days. D: Meh.

But now, I’m totally fine! 🙂 LOL. I know this post should kinda end like a selca for the August but. but.. Maybe next time. For now, this would suffice. *wink*


This is so candid. Mehe I am so happy. Congratulations for the completion of the Time Tour!! 🙂

Guys, he is my boyfriend. Suck it. :p

See you around! 🙂

PS. I am thinking about posting the compete scans for FNC Magazine NO. 3 scans of course only my smurfs (CNBLUE). And also, TIME CONCERT DVD COMPLETE HD Download links. But.. still thinking about it. I’ll let you know for sure at my twitter! 🙂


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