TVXQ’s SCREAM Short PV released!

For those who don’t know, SCREAM will be the theme song of “Sadako 2 3D ” movie which will be showing on August 30.  

I watched and heard it already, and it was awesome. I was expecting a different feel to the song, but then again TVXQ surprised everyone with its rock vibe with a dance beat. The PV was also great! This song I think, suits Yunho more. Well, we all know that this kind of genre matches him. But, Changmin’s voice is just versatile. He can go rock to mellow songs. Btw, the set-up remind me of Break Out!  OMG do not forget those HoMin arms all exposed! Overall, I like everything. The song, the PV, and ofcourse.. those 2 guys. Wait, what am I saying? I LOVE EVERYTHING THEY DO.  Fangirl alert

You guys should watch it too! Enjoy! [CLICK THE PICTURE TO WATCH]

Watch Sadako 2 3D on August 30! I know you would want to watch it since its a horror film or NOT ’cause you’re just a scaredy cat like me.

But, for the sake of our boys? LOL.

SCREAM OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 130904 // September 9, 2013

Also, visit Tohoshinki’s Official Website for more info about their Japanese activities! —> [ HERE ]

Credits: Avex Network’s Official Youtube Account


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