JYJ Yoochun’s new ride

The vehicle model was said to be a Range Rover Evoque

This guy is just. RICH. JYJ IS JUST RICH. DAMN .

Yoochun’s house, cars, and all that fab. Junsu even invested in an establishment at Jeju Island. Jaejoong’s coffee cojjee. Just fab, expensive things!

I really do not know all of the things they own. But. Damn these boys are just rich.

Giving a car to their company’s CEO?!  SAY WHUT BICHAZ. 

Come onnnnnn! Have you seen Junsu’s car? The one with doors opening upward. Whatever you call that, I’m no car enthusiast!

They have that money even though they aren’t broadcasted! BEAT THAT!! JYJ are just superstars you cannot deny!

Disclaimer: The info is not 100% sure, but I, myself believe its true. So I’m sharing it here. If it’s not true, then please inform me by leaving a comment below so I can take this post down asap! 🙂 Thanksss! ❤

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