Dating Agency: Cyrano

Yes, it is raining almost whole day today. It’s actually a good thing. It’s been a little humid lately, plus I just love rain. Not heavy rains! Just the right amount of rain would be great. Just to have that mood and feel.

My last post was kinda mushy. Actually, it is really mushy! But well I wasn’t planning to make another blog post until I suddenly feel like writing something. Blame the weather! 😉

It’s really obvious that I have a lot of time in my hands. Ah~ I must be lucky~? So, I can play my Pokemon Platinum, Harvest Moon, download/buy albums, watch dramas, fangirl, stalk certain people over facebook, tweet, Instagram, and all that.

I finished a drama this afternoon which I started yesterday.

VA   Dating Agency; Cyrano OST (2013) (MP3) [Album] Dating Agency: Cyrano

It’s a Korean Drama and SooYoung from SNSD is one of the main character. I will not talk about the drama ’cause you can definitely google it. But, I can say that it was a really good drama. It was short, unfortunately. But, it was good. The story line is quite unique in it’s own way. And, SooYoung’s acting was really unexpected. She was good! Not bad for her first main drama! I recommend you guys watch it too! 🙂

Honestly, I feel guilty ’cause I haven’t watched some of TVXQ’s dramas! But, I know how to story goes.  I’m still a fangirl.. Remember? 😉 Watching drama just takes up too much of my time. 😦


The main reason I’m posting this because I just fell in love with the drama’s OST. I just cannot. I’m going to share it with you guys.

Do not worry! I’m not posting all of it. Just my favorites! And, it’s in English. So yeah.

  • In The Same Storm – Big Baby Driver [LISTEN]
  • Say Hello to the World – Big Baby Driver [LISTEN]
  • Take my Hands Tonight – Big Baby Driver [LISTEN]

Perfect for either on a rainy weather, or a bright sunny day. Right? If you want to download it, you can search for it over the internet.

That’s it! See you again! Happy Listening! 😀

DISCLAIMER: The photo above belongs to it’s respectful owner.



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