Xia Junsu’s album INCREDIBLE lives for its name!

It’s been a while! I have the album just last night since I got time. A lot has been going on lately. But I got really sleepy last night and didn’t even got the chance to listen to the album. Lame, Mai. That’s a pity! Lol, I know. But I listened to it first thing in the morning. And, OMG. It is incredibly good. Well, of course that’s a given fact. But, OH MY GOD. When the teaser and the MV [CLICK HERE TO WATCH] were released I had this vague expectation about what the album feel would possibly be. But, then again. I was still surprised. It is unexpected. This album is definitely different from all his past releases!


And, I can confidently say that this is my taste. I really like this album! It’s relaxing, and soothing. Especially Rainy Eyes and Chocolate Girl. I find 사랑하나 봐 and Fantasy refreshing, and 이 노래 웃기지 (Narr. 붐) shocked me! LOL, back in DBSK days.. Junsu isn’t a rapper. I think he only rapped in Love Bye Love (사랑 안녕 사랑) and I think he did great! But this entire song is a dance/rap/hiphop song! So, he did really great! It was unexpected of him! You wouldn’t forget all the ballad songs in this album which showcases our Junsu’s incredible vocals! 🙂

You guys should listen to his album to know what I’m talking here!

You can buy it in this following sites:

iTunes || KpopTown || YesAsia || KpopMart || FangirlAsia 

These are all international online shops. 


Disclaimer: This post is solely the author’s opinion.

Credits: CJES Ent and Loen Ent

See you around Cassie! 😉


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