Dry your tears, Setsuko-chan

I think I can say that July highlight is over. My sister left for Australia today to study, work, and live there permanently. *sobs*

2013-07-04 22.46.12

That bangs! Hehe, my oppa haircut. This is my Dad’s fave picture of us when we were kids.

I don’t know why. I look like a crazy child.

img108Wasn’t I just cute, or what?

My Sis and I basically lived all our lives together. She’s the only person that knows everything about me. And I think she even knows me better than I know myself. We’ve shared countless of nights talking ’till 4am about everything and anything in this world. We share one closet, which means we share all our clothes and shoes. We both know what’s happening in each other’s lives. I know her too well, and she knows me too damn well. We insult and make fun of each other’s imperfections without getting hurt. We both know each other’s flaw, and our deepest, darkest secrets. We criticize each other greatly. We hate each other at times, but we don’t apologize. We just reconcile in a few minutes and get over with our angers. LOL. She’s more than a sister and calling us “bestfriends” would be an understatement. She is my other self. Honestly, without her as my sister.. I can’t imagine how pathetic I would be. People around her may think she’s this mataray and suplada girl, but she isn’t. She’s very bright, funny, and thoughtful. She’s a gem. She may be brutally honest, because she won’t tell you things you would want to hear. She will tell you what you need to know, so you won’t fuck up again. She is perfect for me. She is a miracle to my life. (If you’re reading this, and make fun of me.. I won’t send you good stuff LOL)

Now that she’s far away from us, I really miss her. I won’t see her opposite of my bed anymore before I close my eyes to sleep. I won’t hear you waking me up in the morning just to make fun of me. I can’t talk to anyone with our secret codes like C.L.G, NIP, LG, SS, SULA, etc. No one would laugh at my lamest joke. No one would bug me and piss me off. No more hugs. No more oppa skinship jokes. It won’t be as much as fun anymore! 😀

Sacrifices are needed to be made for our own betterment. But, I feel like I am missing myself too.

This isn’t goodbye, this is definitely a “see you later” situation.

We will see each other soon, right? God knows when but, we will. We just have to be temporarily far from each other. I have to go to US, and you have to be there. But now, we just have to endure. We understand what we need to do. So.. ‘Till we share the warmest hug and the funniest jokes again! 🙂

I love you beyond this galaxy, beyond this universe. Always. Always, Ate.

PS. Kim Jaejoong is in good hands. Do not worry. The DBSK ajhussi are in good hands. 😉

Thank you God for giving me and my family overflowing blessings. For making new opportunities, paving new roads, and for the loving and perfect family I could ever have. Thank you. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dry your tears, Setsuko-chan

  1. Setsuko kun says:

    What is CLG?? I cried manly tears because of this. Don’t worry I’ll send you pics of me everyday so you won’t be too much of a miserable loser anymore. You’ll hate it but I know you’ll print it out and put it next to your dbsk shrine loool that’s how much you love me. Anywaaaay good job in this site you did. Lame but that’s just you hahahaha distance won’t lessen my meanness to you. I love you baby boy!!! Hahahaha

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