Vote for Yunho for the Seoul International Drama Awards! Plus High Cut Special!


Queen of Ambition (야왕) Press Conference

This guy I love forevs =)

After completing Queen of Ambition, our Yunho is nominated at Seoul International Drama Awards! Currently, he’s in no. 2~ So let us keep voting to make him no. 1! 🙂

But you guys have to follow some steps in order to vote. Click HERE for the steps.

If you wanna see the rankings, Click HERE for the official site.

Notes (from the official website)

  • Voting event period: July 4, 2013 – July 31, 2013
  • Seoul International Drama Awards 2013: Thursday, September 5, 2013, National Theater of Korea
  • The winner will be decided by adding up the votes from mypeople and other voting websites.
  • The ticket winners will be personally notified via a message from the mypeople Polling bot.
  • You can only vote once a day for each category.
  • The ticket winners will enter the ceremony on a first-come, first-served bass


Let us hope he’d win! It’s about time, right? 🙂


I am warning you, please prepare your Cassiopeia heart.

//smashes keyboard

The scans are available online, you guys can check it out! =)

FYI, this guy is my one and only namja. hehe, in the whole wide industry. It’s been 4 years! 4 happy years~ 🙂

Happy Yunho Love Day! Hehe ❤

Keep voting Cassiopeia! Keep loving our boys!

See you around Cassie! ❤

Disclaimer: I do not own the video nor the photo. The credits belong to its respectful owners.


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