“mypeople” app

Oh hai there =) What’s up everyone?! Today, I downloaded an app. Not because I wanted to have a new messenger app. I already have Kakaotalk and Line chat. So, I know I don’t need another one. Basically, I use Kakao because of Anipang. LOL. And Line, well. Chatting with friends. Both apps have official accounts of CNBLUE, TVXQ, and JYJ! So it works well with me. 😉

I discovered this app because I voted for Yunho at 2013 Seoul International Drama AwardsI don’t have any clue about how this app works or what it offers. But I decided to just have a look at it and see how it works, and it obviously surprised me that I have to blog about this app!

This app has a lot of THEMES which is different from LINE. It has a lot of customizing tools which are really great. Though unlike Line, it doesn’t have any timeline that I obviously think is useless. Of course this app has Pop-ups, notification tones, privacy, sending a file, voice messages, recording and selecting a video, sending and taking photos, event polls, etc. It has its own stickers. And not just your ordinary stickers! This app allows you to make your OWN STICKER! You can either take a photo of yourself or just pick an existing photo. After picking a photo, there’s an available sticker wherein you can paste in your photo. Awesome right? Not just that! You can make a GIF of photos and send them as a sticker! 🙂

Another feature that I actually like.. I can see if my friend is online while chatting. And also, if ever they are typing their message. If my friend is sending a smiley, it fades in and fades out. Great, right!

Well, I like those things. I like cute things. So, it wins my heart! 😀

But this app has its own disadvantages too. Unlike others, it is not really popular. Unlike Line/Kakaotalk which is really popular in South Korea. On the other hand, WeChat, Viber, and WhatsApp.. Well I really don’t know how it works because I don’t have it. 🙂

Here are some screen caps. Lol, making fun of our Minnie, Yunnie, and Chunnie ❤

[Click photo to enlarge]

my1 my2 my3

my4my5 my6 my7

That’s it! Quickie post! 😀

See you around~ ❤

Disclaimer: This post purely based on my opinions. I know that people have their own opinions which of course I respect. I’m not convincing you or imposing anything but just saying. Lol.

Add me up at mypeople: @mmaii93 :p


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