“Falling in Love” with 2NE1’s new single and MV!

After CL’s solo comeback, 2ne1 group finally had their comeback single entitled “Falling in Love”.

I am not a Blackjack, but I respect 2ne1 and their music.


This MV is different from the usual hair, colors, and all that 2ne1-ness. Actually I won’t post about the news about it. More like, my reaction towards the new single.

But before anything else, I will post the video here so you could see it.


These girls are just pretty!

You know 2ne1 is not your average girl group. Ever since their first release, they offer their own kind of music and fashion style. Not the mainstream cutie-cute group that is so overrated in Kpop industry. Personally, I don’t have any fave girl group. 

Sandara is so damn pretty with her blonde hair. Finally, she has a normal-looking hair! Her face is just pretty that no matter how crazy her hairstyles/haircuts were before but it still suits her. Bom is always pretty. Her fringe and medium length hair also fits her, proves again that she is a goddess. It also makes her look younger. Even though she looks younger as her real age. Well, CL is always pretty with her smile and her voice! She still has it! Lastly, Minzy! Oh gosh this girl. She lost a lot of weight! Have you seen her V-line?! Also the pink colored wig makes her so pretty too! It suits her a lot.

Overall, the music video is really awesome. It toned down a lot which gave the chance to show other the other side of the girls how pretty they are. And don’t forget those Korean models which were also featured in the music video itself. 😉

I cannot wait for the live performances! 🙂

See you around! ❤

Credits: YG-LIFE and 2ne1 official Youtube account


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