JYJ’s Kim Junsu SPECIAL TEASER for 11o’clock released!

CAN I JUST. Back to back releases this month of July for some of my fave people!

Yes, after blogging about JYJ Kim Junsu’s teaser release some time ago.

Photo credit: CJES Entertainment

The special teaser was released today at noon (KST) and AS EXPECTED FROM KIM JUNSU, it’s always the best! Kapag KIM JUNSU, asahang tataas ang balahibo mo! KIM JUNSU WILL GIVE YOU GOOSEBUMPS, with that talent no one can ever deny.


Even during DBSK days, Junsu is my bias-wrecker then followed by Changmin. Hehe 🙂

So, here’s the COMPLETE video. Be amazed, experience goosebumps, and fall in love with him and his voice.

CLICK HERE: KIM JUNSU 11O’CLOCK SPECIAL TEASER which Loen Ent released. It was done in just one take. Awesome right? Our dolphin boy is really good at conveying feelings of his songs~

crying cassiopeia rainbows right now~TT let’s enjoy, and support his upcoming album by buying it to top the charts! 🙂

PS. it would be great if we could watch on the official accounts where the official releases are made. So, the the video views would increase. Video views are also a proof of their popularity, right? 🙂

Let’s wait for the FULL MUSIC VIDEO! 🙂

Keep the faith, Cassiopeia! ❤


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