CNBLUE is BACK: New 6th Japanese single ”Lady” which ranked no. 1 at pre-order charts, teaser, and Lee Jungshin’s new drama

After the last stop of the Blue Moon World Tour at Beijing, China last June 29. Our boys will be releasing their 6th Japanese album entitled “Lady” which also ranked no. 1 in Japan’s Tower Records pre-order chart and HMV pre-order chart. I know, AWESOME.

awe-so-awesome boys!

There’s also songs entitled “Don’t Care,” “Monday” and more, with three self-composed songs by the members. Now, I cannot wait for that! The single will be released on July 31. Make sure to wait for that, and support them by buying their albums and releases. For now, here’s a single teaser which Warner Music Japan released in their official Youtube account

Also, Lee Jungshin’s upcoming drama “The Blade and Petal” (칼과 꽃) which will be aired on July 3 at KBS2. He also updated a selca at the official twitter account of CNBLUE, thanking fans for the support during the press conference of the drama which was held at 63 Convention Center located in Yeouido, Seoul.

“정신입니다~ 오늘 칼과꽃 제작발표회가 끝났습니다~내일 모레 7월3일부터 방송이에요~ㅎ 떨리네요.. 그리고 오늘 제작발표회라고 많은팬분들이 화환도 보내주시고 기자님들,스탭분들 떡이랑 부채까지 준비해주셨어요…너무맛있음..ㅜㅜ
많이 사랑해주시는만큼! 투어도! 칼과꽃 촬영도 더더더 열심히할게요^^ 사랑합니다잉”

I hope they can find time to relax and rest, but good job to our boys who finished their world tour with success!! 🙂

See you around Boice! ❤

Photo Credits: CNBLUE official twitter account, FNC Entertainment, Warner Music Japan and their official youtube account.


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