Hello~ Another post, hurrah! I posted on Instagram last night that I will be blogging about what happened yesterday.

I hope I can make a good post, lol. So as promised, here it is!

My family is complete during weekends. Since me and my sis finished school already, we’re always at home whenever. But our youngest bro only comes home during weekends since he’s in his senior year at Philippine High School for ArtsHe stays in a dorm in there school, so my Mom always cook killer delicious food during weekends. Believe me when I say killer delicious food ’cause my Mom cooks the best in the universe, no joke.

My family loves Shabu-Shabu so much, so yesterday we had that for lunch.

1Looks yummy, right? And it’s HOMEMADE! 

The concept is you just put in everything you like but the important thing is the soup-base and the Ponzu sauce for dipping. But ofcourse, there are certain ingredients in which one shabu-shabu should have! That is, thinly sliced beef. We use sirloin beef because it is really soft.

We put these ingredients:






Also, we had siomai and chicken meat too because I love Chicken and do not forget your hot steamed rice! But yeah, I think that was all of it. Since not all of us like too much seafood in our shabu-shabu, this time the seafood was lessened. It really depends on us whatever we want to put in there, haha! Honestly, my fave part of it was the corn on the cob! Yum, yum! 

We like having this either at home or in a restaurant because it’s really fun to cook your food infront of you with the whole family poking and checking if the ingredients are cooked. Plus, you guys can talk and bond while waiting for it to cook! Fun, right? 🙂

You guys can also have those fatless shabu-shabu, which is actually what we order when we’re at restaurants just because do I really have to explain? hehe. But I think it costs a little more than the usual ones. You can search for the nearest shabu-shabu restaurants near you! 🙂

Later that day, we had to attend some debut party of a family friend so might as well blog about it.

It was held at Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club.

2013-06-29 20

After some years, I attended a debut party again. Last time, I was just in my 2nd year of college. Those were just happy times! Last night brought many memories from those parties that I attended. I personally didn’t had mine because it was during our OJT and it was summer so everyone is busy with everything. But hey, I had my best 18th birthday! :”)

It was great, and I felt oldDo I really have to say that? Haha! But just good times, good times. And oh the food, so yummy! My fave was the unlimited fruits. Haha, fruits talaga? But I just love fruits! Also, the dessert! Chocolate mousse, and it wasn’t too sweet so I like it too! 😉

Camera 360

After the party. No, we are not drunk. This is me and my sis in our wacky pose. Just crazy, I know! 

Well, I guess that’s it! 🙂

See you around~ ❤


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