I am not a chicken!

I am seriously blogging that either I write two blog post in a day, or on the following day. Honestly, I made few blog posts but they are living on the drafts. How unfortunate. Since it is a public blog of course I always consider whatever I post here. You know the drill, right? No need to lay it all out for you. 😉

I finished one of the important chapter in one’s life, which is schooling. If I’m going to study in the future, maybe I will. But for now, work is the priority. But making decisions this time is crucial. Why? Well, it’s just like picking out your course for college. You wanted to be this, that, and all that. I want to do many things, and honestly speaking? What I want is actually really hard to achieve. Though I have my plans all ready sorted out, everything isn’t sure yet. I don’t know what might happen in the future, and these plans are all subject to change.

As of now, I know what I want to do. I have my mind-set and detailed plans for the next 2 years. Yes, I plan ahead. I like writing things, making lists about everything. But if you would ask me, if I’m confident? Well, I am not. It will be definitely hard and I’m scared. I am scared of failing, failing other people, most specially myself. I am not a perfectionist, I never was. I know at some point, I will definitely fail I just hope I am prepared enough to face failures.

I have my friends, and my family whose behind me in all the big steps that I’m going to make but at the end of the day, it’s still me. Either I’ll be brave enough to make the big step, or just chicken out and keep still. If only I can stay in my safe zone, then there won’t be any problems. But hey, life is all about making risks right? 🙂

Do you know the feeling when you know what to do but you keep doing the opposite? Sometimes, most of the times.. I am in that situation. I just lost focus and allows my feelings to get in the way. I let myself be scared and doubt myself. Well, I guess I should work on that. Work on it, FAST.

That’s it! I kept it simple. You understood what I meant, right? I hope you did! Or else, this blog post won’t be effective. Oh~ That would be a pity~

This post is basically just acknowledging how I feel, but everything’s fine. Hehe, I know that I should just take one step at a time, believe in myself, be the best I can be, and to trust Him with everything.

If you feel like you don’t know what to do, I suggest you to read motivational books! Or, if you don’t like books.. Watch movies that can motivate you to do better and be the best. And, gather and remove any unnecessary thoughts, and listen to your feel good music to feel more positive! 🙂

Goodluck to us! May we be the best person we truly are!

Cheers to success, dreams, work, love and life! 🙂


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