I am not a chicken!

I am seriously blogging that either I write two blog post in a day, or on the following day. Honestly, I made few blog posts but they are living on the drafts. How unfortunate. Since it is a public blog of course I always consider whatever I post here. You know the drill, right? No need to lay it all out for you. 😉

I finished one of the important chapter in one’s life, which is schooling. If I’m going to study in the future, maybe I will. But for now, work is the priority. But making decisions this time is crucial. Why? Well, it’s just like picking out your course for college. You wanted to be this, that, and all that. I want to do many things, and honestly speaking? What I want is actually really hard to achieve. Though I have my plans all ready sorted out, everything isn’t sure yet. I don’t know what might happen in the future, and these plans are all subject to change.

As of now, I know what I want to do. I have my mind-set and detailed plans for the next 2 years. Yes, I plan ahead. I like writing things, making lists about everything. But if you would ask me, if I’m confident? Well, I am not. It will be definitely hard and I’m scared. I am scared of failing, failing other people, most specially myself. I am not a perfectionist, I never was. I know at some point, I will definitely fail I just hope I am prepared enough to face failures.

I have my friends, and my family whose behind me in all the big steps that I’m going to make but at the end of the day, it’s still me. Either I’ll be brave enough to make the big step, or just chicken out and keep still. If only I can stay in my safe zone, then there won’t be any problems. But hey, life is all about making risks right? 🙂

Do you know the feeling when you know what to do but you keep doing the opposite? Sometimes, most of the times.. I am in that situation. I just lost focus and allows my feelings to get in the way. I let myself be scared and doubt myself. Well, I guess I should work on that. Work on it, FAST.

That’s it! I kept it simple. You understood what I meant, right? I hope you did! Or else, this blog post won’t be effective. Oh~ That would be a pity~

This post is basically just acknowledging how I feel, but everything’s fine. Hehe, I know that I should just take one step at a time, believe in myself, be the best I can be, and to trust Him with everything.

If you feel like you don’t know what to do, I suggest you to read motivational books! Or, if you don’t like books.. Watch movies that can motivate you to do better and be the best. And, gather and remove any unnecessary thoughts, and listen to your feel good music to feel more positive! 🙂

Goodluck to us! May we be the best person we truly are!

Cheers to success, dreams, work, love and life! 🙂



Hello~ Another post, hurrah! I posted on Instagram last night that I will be blogging about what happened yesterday.

I hope I can make a good post, lol. So as promised, here it is!

My family is complete during weekends. Since me and my sis finished school already, we’re always at home whenever. But our youngest bro only comes home during weekends since he’s in his senior year at Philippine High School for ArtsHe stays in a dorm in there school, so my Mom always cook killer delicious food during weekends. Believe me when I say killer delicious food ’cause my Mom cooks the best in the universe, no joke.

My family loves Shabu-Shabu so much, so yesterday we had that for lunch.

1Looks yummy, right? And it’s HOMEMADE! 

The concept is you just put in everything you like but the important thing is the soup-base and the Ponzu sauce for dipping. But ofcourse, there are certain ingredients in which one shabu-shabu should have! That is, thinly sliced beef. We use sirloin beef because it is really soft.

We put these ingredients:






Also, we had siomai and chicken meat too because I love Chicken and do not forget your hot steamed rice! But yeah, I think that was all of it. Since not all of us like too much seafood in our shabu-shabu, this time the seafood was lessened. It really depends on us whatever we want to put in there, haha! Honestly, my fave part of it was the corn on the cob! Yum, yum! 

We like having this either at home or in a restaurant because it’s really fun to cook your food infront of you with the whole family poking and checking if the ingredients are cooked. Plus, you guys can talk and bond while waiting for it to cook! Fun, right? 🙂

You guys can also have those fatless shabu-shabu, which is actually what we order when we’re at restaurants just because do I really have to explain? hehe. But I think it costs a little more than the usual ones. You can search for the nearest shabu-shabu restaurants near you! 🙂

Later that day, we had to attend some debut party of a family friend so might as well blog about it.

It was held at Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club.

2013-06-29 20

After some years, I attended a debut party again. Last time, I was just in my 2nd year of college. Those were just happy times! Last night brought many memories from those parties that I attended. I personally didn’t had mine because it was during our OJT and it was summer so everyone is busy with everything. But hey, I had my best 18th birthday! :”)

It was great, and I felt oldDo I really have to say that? Haha! But just good times, good times. And oh the food, so yummy! My fave was the unlimited fruits. Haha, fruits talaga? But I just love fruits! Also, the dessert! Chocolate mousse, and it wasn’t too sweet so I like it too! 😉

Camera 360

After the party. No, we are not drunk. This is me and my sis in our wacky pose. Just crazy, I know! 

Well, I guess that’s it! 🙂

See you around~ ❤

JYJ’s Kim Junsu releases his first teaser for his upcoming album this July!

Okay so after CJes released Junsu’s teaser image which happened to kill me instanly after seeing it.

I told you guys. 

Loen Ent. also released the first teaser clip for “11 o’clock”.

CLICK HERE for the video!

Honestly, it was REALLY SHORT. And I don’t get it. LOL. I didn’t even saw Junsu’s face clearly! But hearing Junsu’s voice makes me want to smash my keyboard. I just cannot wait for the music video or longer teaser! Let us wait for the album and support him by buying it and voting for it! 🙂

See you around Cassie! 🙂

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment

How to change LINE theme into a CNBLUE theme [ANDROID ONLY] ~6 easy steps~


Your LINE app must be updated and you must be using the CONY theme. (cute pink one)

First: Download this -> http://www.4shared.com/file/6jkiA4Yp/themefile.html

Second: Connect your Android phone to your laptop or PC

Third: Go to Android -> data -> jp.naver.line.android -> theme -> a0768339-c2d3-4189-9653-2909e9bb6f58 -> replace “themefile” with the one that you downloaded from the link above


Fourth: Go to your LINE app

Fifth: Apply the ORIGINAL LINE app theme (the green one)


This should how it will look like~

I hope everything goes well~

You guys can add me up at Line too~ @mmaii93

and follow me at twitter: @flyingsaucer88

I would like to credit and thank: Maki Lee, nailoveblue from Tumblr, bunnyJS

Their steps were really helpful, that’s why I had one too~ kkk~ ^^
There are steps for IPHONE too, you can search for it ~~ 🙂

See you around Boice~ ❤

Happy 23rd Birthday Kang Minhyuk~ Our cute drummer!! 🙂
안녕하세요~ 우리 민혁이~ 너무 귀여워~ ㅋㅋㅋ 아니! 멋있다 진짜로!

뿅~!! ^__^

Yonghwa & Seohyun WE GOT MARRIED [Torrent Download and Online watching LINKS]

Hi there! I decided to post about this, since we love YongSeo that much. I know that some of you would love to have their own copy of their WGM episodes!

Do not worry, all videos are ENGLISH SUBBED! Horray for the great subbers!

Thank you for being a Goguma eventhough it’s been years~

Spread the Goguma love! 😉

See you around~ ❤


Student Chapter

I think the title is clear enough to know what you’d expect in this blog post. Actually I never really thought that I’d come up with this topic as my first entry under this category but whatever. I am currently not a student anymore. I graduated last April (Hooray!) so technically I am a bum. Currently has no work, just enjoying the luxury of doing nothing which I like very much. Hahaha! Though there’s a reason for it, i guess that would be up on another blog post. *wink*

I hope you’d bear with me and all my shortcomings as I write all the relevant things. So, here we go! 🙂

Ofcourse I wouldn’t start from the moment I stepped on my first real classroom ’cause that would be boring and I couldn’t even remember it so let me just summarize everything since we both want to save our precious time. LOL.


Ofcourse, I was this cute little thin girl with really short bob hair, and a straight bangs. Typical asian kid you may say, Hahaha! I cannot remember a lot but I knew that I was a quiet and shy as a child. I never liked getting the attention of my teachers. I prefer being invisible to everyone’s eyes. Hehe, I don’t know but during those years that’s who I was and I liked it that way until my teacher decides to idk, make fun of me or smth.. She picked me to deliver a declamation during our graduation and I can remember how stressful it was, since my Mom and I practiced hundreds of times.


I was still shy and quiet but I guess I kinda made a hole in my box and let other people inside my little world. I gained friends and experienced the same things a normal grade schooler would. When I was in 3rd grade I was hit by a lightning, I was kidding, I had my first major CRUSH.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was in cinemas and was really a big hit.

(We all know how popular Harry Potter was eversince the first movie!)

There was this 6th grader who looked like Harry Potter and I used to stalk and stare at him from a distance whenever they had their P.E. class. (Early signs of being a fangirl? XD)

And I believed back then they look really alike!!

Okay thinking back, maybe they were just wearing the same glass frame and same skin color but YOU CANNOT BLAME A 3RD GRADER OKAY. I believed that he was like my destiny.

Then he graduated from our school, and I transferred to another school, I had fun and I became really sociable and I am really happy about it. 🙂


I spent my 4 years of highschool at Rogationist College (yes I am very proud). I finally came out of my box and gained a lot of friends. I knew who were my real friends are and some, just mere friends. I learned a lot of things, I improved , I studied hard, I experienced a lot in my school. Actually, being an RCian really has a different effect. I call it “RCian Effect” (It was well-thought right? LOL) 

RC had taught me that you should be the best you can be. Academically challenging compared to other schools, and OMG the discipline. Compared to other schools, students tend to be more disciplined. I am really fortunate to have studied in such school, and studying there gained me advantage during my college years, honestly. 🙂

I had my first and so far, the only boyfriend I had. It was crazy. It was okay. I learned a lot of things, and when I say a lot.. i meant A LOT. Same reason why I didn’t had any relationship after that. Now, I am being cautious, and I think the time isn’t right. I think it was just a life-lesson that needs to be learned in a hard way. LOL.

Camera 360

Highschool friends!

This was from last week. Starbucks Tagaytay.

I have my friends who were really there through any shit. Until now, even after graduation we are still really close and see each other as often as we can! I also have friends that even though I really don’t see them often, I know they still got my back.  Awesome right? I know. I am blessed like that. Hehe 🙂


Wow my college years were so freaking good. It has it’s lows, but it was just so great! I studied at DLSU-D which wasn’t the original plan, but that’s not important anymore. Hahaha! So, yeah. I gained new friends, and found new treasures that are really precious to me.


This was during our freshmen year! We were really young, and haven’t developed much yet. HAHAHA!


Sophomore year!

Unforgettable year since I also turned 18! It’s a long story but it was indeed memorable. 🙂


Senior year!

I had a lot, A LOT of pictures. I wanna share with you guys but.. this would be a really long post, so maybe next time! 🙂


Graduation pictorial with classmates!

College years were really unforgettable. I went to a lot of places/countires. (eg. Palawan, Ilocos Sur/Norte, Subic, Pangasinan, Virginia Beach US, North Carolina, New York, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia) I would love to make a travel post, but let’s take one step at a time and let me not get ahead of myself. Hahahaha!

There were TVXQ, Cassiopeia, Pamilii, TMK, Frennies, and a bunch of people which made those years tolerable.

So, now we are all in our own paths. Taking every step closer to our dreams. I hope I will meet some of them in the future, when we are all successful. It would be fun to look back in all the years we’ve been through.

I know this post is really short and you know.. all over the place(?) But basically, I had the best student life.

Off to the next chapter: PROFESSIONAL LIFE

Thanks for staying with me throughout the whole post! 🙂

See you again next time!

Just peeking.

This must be one of the lamest post I will ever do. But still, I’ll post this just because..

Actually, I am just trying how this works, and all its functions. So you can just continue scrolling and read other blog post instead of wasting time reading this. 🙂

Honestly, I am feeling lazy to switch to another blog location. I have done a lot in my previous blog if we’re talking about designing it, I can say I did spend quite some time tweaking and uploading some stuff. But since my friend recommended that I use WordPress instead and since I trust her opinions about blogging so might as well try.

I still don’t know how this works. We’ll just see, right?

See you around! 🙂